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Jonquil Blend

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Current Components: Guatemala Huehuetenango, Colombia Piendamo Cauca 
We Taste: Bright and sweet with subtle fruity and floral qualities
Roast Level: Lighter than Consensus, Espresso Nine, Silver Comet, and Belmont

This blend is springtime in a cup. We celebrate the changing of the seasons and the hope and optimism that come with warmer weather (as do most people, I'm sure). This coffee is a representation of that.

Our hometown, Smyrna, is known as the Jonquil City. According to the Smyrna Historical Society, the jonquils were introduced to Smyrna by Samuel Taylor and his wife who moved to Smyrna from Atlanta in 1883. The Taylors purchased 80 acres of land on Atlanta Road south of the intersection with Collier Road.

The Taylors had a son who lived in Spokane, Washington. He sent his parents a burlap sack from Spokane with what are believed to be the area's first jonquil bulbs. The Taylors shared the bulbs with friends and neighbors. The flowers quickly multiplied and came back every year with very little care. Thus began the tradition of planting jonquils in Smyrna. The Taylor home is preserved as the Taylor-Brawner house and is part of the Taylor-Brawner Park property.

A more detailed account of why Smyrna is known as the Jonquil City may be found on the Smyrna Historical Society website.

Narcissus jonquilla, commonly known as jonquil or rush daffodil, is a bulbous flowering plant, a species of the genus Narcissus (daffodil) that is native to Spain and Portugal but has now become naturalized in many other regions: France, Italy, Turkey, the former Yugoslavia, Madeira, British Columbia in Canada, Utah, Illinois, Ohio, and the southeastern United States from Texas to Maryland.

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