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Current Components: Colombia Antioquia, Brazil Cerrado
We Taste: Caramel, dark chocolate, and green pepper
Roast Level: Lighter than Consensus, Silver Comet, and Espresso Nine; Darker than Pogo Espresso

This blend was crafted to be approachable, no matter who you are. For some, it provides a great starting point for venturing into the world of fresh roasted coffee. It isn't too far off the beaten path and it will give you a heavy mouthfeel with all sorts of good sweetness. As a reference point, it is a touch brighter than the Silver Comet.

What is "Belmont" and what does it mean? For starters, Belmont was an American-made electric car manufactured in 1916, but that is just a bit too distant for us. Here is Smyrna it has a different meaning. The Belmont is the name given to a widely-known portion of our fair town that is currently being built up to be a mixed-use development.