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Costa Rica Finca Los Cedros

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Process: Natural
We Taste: Like when a strawberry creme sugar wafer melts in your mouth plus raspberry fudge goodness
Roast Level: Light

This coffee will change the way you view what coffee can be. It's a truly delightful experience.

From Royal NY (our importer):

Enrique Salazar and his family have owned the Los Cedros farm for over 60 years. The land is planted with various fruit and shade trees. Over the last few seasons Enrique has renovated his farm and planted new "H" varietals. He now cultivates multiple different varietals on his farm including: Caturra, Catuai, H1, H3, H17 and Obata. Enrique also delivers his coffee to programs within Coopro Naranjo including "Cattleya and La Rosa."