Holiday Blend

Holiday Blend

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Current Components: Brazil Cerrado, Guatemala La Colina, Colombia Huila 
We Taste: Caramel Corn, Roasted Hazelnuts, Cranberry Jelly, and a dash of Nutmeg
Roast Level: Medium 


Every year at winter, the holidays capture more feeling than can often be put into words. The holidays can be a busy bustling store on a rainy night with a full moon. The holidays can be singing quiet carols in the candlelight. The holidays can be family, love, peace, and the spirit of giving.

This year, we've crafted a blend that sums it all up. It's a mild, easy blend, with notes of chestnuts and dried cranberries. It'll be there for you on quiet mornings in a mug, and busy shopping days in a to-go cup. It'll join you for whatever holiday you find joy in celebrating this year. It's a perfect gift. A perfect cup.

Here's to a marvelous holiday season.

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