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Kenya Thiriku

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Process: Washed
We Taste: Starfruit, Melon, "Fruit Parfait at a Fancy Hotel Breakfast Buffet"
Roast Level: Light

From Trabocca (importers):

For years, farmers in central Kenya have eked a living from coffee farming. Throughout the years, they have been ravaging in poverty as productivity of the crop dwindled at the expense of their pockets. At Thiriku Coffee Cooperative, located in Tetu constituency within Nyeri County, abandoned coffee drying beds paint a dull picture of what coffee farming used to be eons ago.

Poor payment, corruption by the management officials in the cooperatives, and decreasing productivity have been cited as the cause of the misfortunes that have swamped the coffee industry in Kenya. But the fortunes of farmers affiliated with Thiriku coffee Cooperative have started changing after receiving Sh121 (Kenyan Shilling) per kilogram of cherry they delivered to the wet mill. This is a significant high compared to Sh30-Sh60 per kilo that the factory had paid farmers in the previous seasons.

This remarkable improvement has come after we agreed to partner with the Thiriku Cooperative. In this directs sale agreement, we will buy directly from the farmers which will rid them of the present bureaucracy along the coffee value chain. This also means the farmers will not be at risk of being swindled by middlemen or brokers who pose as agents, millers, and marketers.

In our deal, we will be partnering with farmers through the cooperative to develop and produce high-quality and traceable coffee which it will buy and sell to roasters worldwide. Before we created an agreement with Thiriku Cooperative, we partnered Ndaroini Coffee. But due to corruption in the board of Ndaroini, we had to cancel our agreement and look to other Cooperatives willing and keen to explore a new supply chain.

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