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Sumatra Pakpak

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Process: Semi-Washed
We Taste: Sweet molasses and pine with grapefruit undertones and a black tea finish
Roast Level: Medium-Dark

Legend tells us that the Toba Batak and Pakpak people originate from a talking fish – in fact, a cursed princess – that conceived a child with a young farmer called Toba. Hence the name of the famous lake that rests upon the caldera of a super volcano. The people near Lake Toba believe that they originate from the child of the fish.

It is evident, through legends like these, that Sumatra is shrouded in mystery. Culturally speaking and coffee-wise. Once you dive into the ancient culture of the Pakpak’s you begin to understand that the layered licorice root and spicy flavored coffees match their ‘mystic’ culture. The Sumatra Pakpak coffee captures the elusive taste of Sumatra’s best wet-hulled coffees.

The Pakpak Culture: On the Northern fringes of Lake Toba, you find Dairi and Pakpak Bharat districts, the home of the Pakpak people. Although the Pakpak’s can be traced back to the better-known Toba Batak tribe, they harness pride in the fact that they have their own culture, housing, clothing, and dialect. Their language is called: Bahassa Pakpak, derived from the Toba Batak language. The Pakpak tribe honor their gods of nature by performing offering rituals near the border of the forests. They offer food like bananas and rice (cakes) and believe that their ancestors, taking refuge in these forests, consume it.